Aquatic Pools

Aquatic Pools


We provide opening, vacuuming and cleaning, and closing services individually or as a full season package. We take pride in eliminating all the hassle by keeping scheduled appointments, doing the job right the first time, and having our clients’ pools always available for their enjoyment. Having CPO-Certified Pool Operators on staff is an added benefit you get with Acquatic Pools.

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Seasonal Closing Services

Professionally closing your pool will increase the probability that next season's opening will be problem free.

  • Final vacuuming
  • Lower water level
  • Take apart and clean filter
  • Remove & inspect all baskets, diverters, and rail goods
  • Remove all plugs from equipment
  • Turn off gas to heater
  • Cover top of the heater
  • Blow out all lines with air and plug
  • Add antifreeze in skimmer lines
  • Put all items removed from pool or equipment in a provided plastic bag for storage
  • Test pool water chemistry
  • Add adjusting chemicals as necessary
  • Add our specific winterizing chemicals
  • Remove time clock trippers
  • Turn off electronic controls
  • Secure winter cover
  • Install customer's pump cover when provided

Valet Service

Your pool area will feel like a vacation site when we perform consistent, attentive care while you get to reap the rewards by relaxing in your pool instead of working on it.
Weekly, twice weekly or bi-weekly service available

  • Consistent & regularly scheduled appointments
  • Check operation of all equipment
  • Test fire heater if off
  • Check filter pressure
  • Backwash filter when needed
  • Empty and inspect pump basket
  • Empty and inspect skimmer basket(s)
  • Empty and inspect auto pool cleaner
  • Fill auto chlorinator
  • Vacuum pool as needed
  • Brush pool as needed
  • Skim water surface
  • Clean inside of skimmer(s)
  • Clean tile or liner at the water line
  • Note level of the pool water
  • Test  and adjust the water chemistry
  • Deliver chemicals

Seasonal Opening Services

Professionally opening your pool can help with early detection of problems that can rob you of valuable swim time later.

  • Drain cover if needed
  • Remove and bag any debris
  • Remove, sweep, and fold winter cover
  • Lower brass anchors
  • Clean off decking around the pool
  • Inspect and reinstall all baskets, diverters, plugs and rail goods
  • Reconnect filter and pump
  • Take apart and clean filter
  • Start filtration system & check for proper operation and leaks
  • Test fire heater, leave off
  • Check time clock motor operation
  • Test water chemistry
  • Calculate needed start-up chemicals
  • Add initial chemicals as required

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